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At I Love Belgium we have been shouting out our love for IL's symbolic jewelry collections. We do not only contemplate Isabelle Lenfant's designs but she also deserves to be supported as she does everything herself. She designs, follows up production and contacts resellers. And let the latter be the most difficult thing to do because -and you can ask this to every designer- there's nothing more difficult than to sell your own designs.

But luckily there's the internet and designers can sell directly to their customers. People have grown much more accustomed with buying over the internet so let's applaud this evolution and let's applaud the birth of IL's online shop!

Yes, start browsing and make your wish list, because I assure you, you will be hooked. You'll find everthing there: from the eponymous band-aid ring, bracelet and belt to the silver diamond collection. You can also compose your own necklace. Just choose your liaison necklace and add your pendants.

The great thing about Isabelle's designs is the symbolic. Everything she designs has a meaning. She is inspired by poetry, literature, lyrics,... You won't catch her designing something just because it will sell. She is a true creative at heart and that's why we admire her so much.

The famous band-aid ring for example is meant to be put on the fragility of your finger like a protection, to heal symbolically the cracks of life...and grow-up. Every IL creation comes with its box enclosing one heart healing-quote as a reflection of its symbolic. The I Love Belgium team listed up some of their favourite designs with their respective quotes. Check them out and look into your heart if you're worthy of wearing them.

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