IL by Isabelle Lenfant

To prepare you for what we're going to see in the Belgian showrooms during Paris Fashion Week, we'll present you some precious brands! Discover IL by the amazing Isabelle Lenfant. She's a true artist at heart. She paints, she writes poetry, she gets inspired by literature, she's nocturnal,... Graduate from the La Cambre Academy in Brussels she started as an assistant for Brussels designer Xavier Delcour.

By accident she discovered the art of jewelry designing and she has been doing it ever since. Her designs are designs with a sub-layer. You won't wear them only because they are beautiful. You'll wear them because they are beautiful and because they have a meaning.

Her must-have is the 'sparadrap' ring or band aid ring. You'll wear it to mend your broken heart or to heal your inner suffering. Her latest version has been jeweled up with rubies, methaphors for tiny drops of blood. Don't expect giant rocks. She's not like that. It's subtle luxury, no bling bling. And for those with limetless visa cards: she has an online shop!

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