I Love Belgium interviews Natalie Joos

Fashionistas will know immediately who Natalie is, but for our readers who are less interested in fashion: Natalie Joos is a Belgian casting agent who has been living half of her life in New York. Maybe her last name will ring a bell, the I Love Belgium team already interviewed her sister Evelien who is also living in New York. With her sense of style Natalie was noticed by The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton and other streetstyle photographers. 

One day she felt like writing a blog herself and Tales of Endearment was born. Now the world could not only witness her mix-and-match of vintage and high fashion, but they could also read her witty articles and interviews with stylish people from all over the world. In her busy schedule, she found the time to answer some of the questions of the I Love Belgium team.

ILB - Natalie, you've been living in NY for years now. If you would give it a 'percentage', how much percent would you consider yourself American and how much 'Belgian'?

I don't consider myself American at all. I am a New Yorker. There's a big difference. And I would say I am 50 - 50. Though when I come back to Belgium people stare at me like I'm some exotic bird. And apparently I've lost all the Flemish mannerisms.

ILB - Your a casting agent and you write a blog. Why did you choose the name 'Tales of Endearment'?

I decided to write a blog because I was bored basically. And I thought: if they can do it, so can I. The name just came by brainstorming for a couple of days.

ILB - What is your top three of American fashion brands and your top three of Belgian brands?

Top 3 American: Proenza Schouler, J Crew, Ralph Lauren
Top 3 Belgian: Dries, Delvaux,...there are so many, this is too difficult!

ILB - Your sense of styling is impeccable is as well as the photography. Are you a perfectionist?

Yes very much so. I'm not easily happy and I always try to push my limits.

ILB - What would you like to achieve with your blog? Any dreams or objectives?

I'd like to be the Creative Director at a brand one day.

ILB - What's your biggest vintage find you've ever found. Can you let us in on a vintage secret? A thrift store, an online shop, a pawn shop,...

I've found many great things. The best one would probably this Rudi Gernreich dress. I paid $35 for it while it was $2500 in another store. I don't really have any secrets. Vintage shoppers are nifty. They don't leave any stones unturned. There are however many places I have not visited.

ILB - Your waist is as tiny as your sister. Is it a 'Joos'-family thing? Or do you have other secrets? Any special detox after the holidays?

Haha, funny! I think living in NY is the main secret. There are too many beautiful, skinny people in this city and u can't be the odd one out. I do Organic Avenue cleanses now and again. Traveling always messes me up.

ILB - And our last question: why do you love Belgium?

I love Belgium for its simplicity. It's not complicated. It's quiet and comfortable living. When I come home I can relax.

all pictures courtesy of Tales of Endearment

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