I Love Belgium interviews Evelien Joos

Maybe her name doesn't ring a bell immediately, but she's a girl making it in the big city. The I Love Belgium team has known Evelien already for a long time. She was one of the lights of the party in the Ghent scene early 2000 but the city next to the Leie river became too small and she created her own version of  Bright lights, big city and moved to the Big Apple. A personal style and an unstoppable energy, meet Evelien Joos, photo editor at V Magazine and Vman. ILOVEBELGIUM

ILB - What did you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Well... It always looks the same. BF: apple or pear and 2 teas and since I got back from Costa Rica, I drink coffee now too again! Don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it gives me an UP feeling that I forgot about. Lunch: a yoghurt with some cereal
4pm: apple or pear. Dinner: soup and some crackers and an avocado. And a piece of 70% dark cote d’or.


ILB - You've always been a skinny b***h, your flat tummy is notorious. What's your secret!

Runs in the family... We don’t have fatties in the Joos family. But besides that... I don’t really eat fried foods. I don’t like burgers and fast food. I like healthy food, but I’m not a health freak either. And I ride my bike over the Williamsburg bridge and back just for fun. I don’t live in williamsburg, but I live close to the bridge in Manhattan. Since I have to sit behind a desk all day and stress out, I just need to start my day with some exercise. And it's a steep bridge and it's about a 5km ride.


ILB - I loved your blog The Confirming Friend, but you aren't posting anymore. Why? It was a real inside view in the fashion world with a healthy portion of self mockery!

Ha! I didn’t know people read it! I actually quit writing because it was just a blog about me and what I think about the world, and I figured... Who the f*ck cares about what I think anyway? But if there are requests for me to write on it again... Then I’ll write some more!


ILB - You've have traveled the world but is NY your real home now? Is it the best place on earth, or is that still Ghent, your home city?

NY is my home now. I have my job here. My friends. My life. I was in Ghent and its just so tiny. I can't deal with it anymore. I’ve always felt like I needed to travel and move. I couldn’t sit still and needed to explore. In NY here, the city in a way calms me down, because I have what I need. A lot of movement, a lot of input, a lot of energy. I love my parents and the friends I have in Ghent, but being there for 4 days was more than enough. I’m ok for another year...


ILB -  If your catch phrase "mateke, ik goah eenjs mé mijne camino op uw moile patineren" ("hey guy, I'm going to let the wheel of my motorcycle polish your face") is your Ghent catch phrase, what would your New York catch phrase be?

Hahahaha! I love that sentence!! How can ANYTHING top the good old Ghent dialect? But maybe this can come close in a way: “I’m going to rip you a new asshole”. There is a lot of FUCK and FUCKING and ASSHOLE and RETARD and BITCH in my vocabulary... And when a girl is ugly I translate a sentence from Flemish: “She has a face to recycle shit on” ("een muile om stront op te sorteren!").


Evelien biking in the Big Apple


ILB - You're working as a photo editor at V Mag and Vman now, but what is that exactly? Do you look at pictures all days? Do you have a photographic memory?

I organize all the shoots for V and Vman. Casting, locations, hair and makeup... I also have to control the budget for each issue and make sure we don’t go over. Which is the most stressful part! I also get all the artwork in and I'm basically the 1st person who sees everyone’s hard labor! I also try and find new photographers and stylists, but we work with a certain aesthetic and a set roster of photographers. There’s always room for new, but it has to stay within the V aesthetic.


ILB - Did your view on fashion change since you've lived in NY? What are your favourite American designers? You've mentioned you love Michael Kors on your blog. But I suppose you have some favourites in the young wolves section too?

I’ve always worn what I like. People used to laugh in my face when I was young for the clothes I wore. My mom used to say: well... You want to be different, so suck it up! And I did! I like Michael Kors, but I can't say he is my favorite designer. I just like his runway looks because they are so chic and everything I am not. I can see myself on a big boat with a rich husband wearing this...(laughs)! It's the woman I will never be and I don’t want to be. When I would have a boat and a rich husband I’d probably be even more over the top eccentric rather than the MK woman I have in mind. Favorite American designers must be Alex Wang, Richard Chai, Joseph Altuzarra, Marc Jacobs... And I mix things with lost of vintage and anything I like. Eclectic taste you can say...


ILB - What the magic formula for a good night out in NY? And in Ghent?

In NY you start the party earlier bc at 4pm, everything closes. You just need to know the right people in NY. Otherwise you cant get in or you may end up in some cheesy club. In Ghent: easy! Get ready at home. Drink champagne at someone’s house. Go to one of the many big parties like Pop Life, I love Techno,... , go to Suite 16 and end up at Decadance (laughs). I miss Ghent for its good music! I love dancing and drinking and laughing...which we can do here in NY too, but nothing beats a Ghent night out.


ILB - Are NY men hotter than Belgian men? Where are the differences?

NY men are hot because there is more cultures and different types of guys. They look better because NY doesn't make you old. In Belgium when you’re 30, its normal to start families and get a house.... When you’re 30 here, you feel like you’re 20 but just with more knowledge and your life just begins.


ILB - And last obligatory question: why do you love Belgium?

I love Belgium, because that’s where I am from. It's the country that made me who I am today and gave me the eyes on how I see the world and how people see me. It's important to love your roots. And please don’t split up Belgium in French and Flemish... It would be a shame. It's what makes us so unique.


ILB - And that is so true! Thank you so much for this very animated interview Evelien!

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