I Love Belgium interviews Anouck Lepère

In a previous life Belgian supermodel Anouck Lepère studied architecture in Antwerp, her home town. After doing catwalks for Dries Van Noten and Bruno Pieters her life became a  fashion rollercoaster. Covers for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Playboy (check out the shoes she’s strutting on that cover). Campaigns for Boss, Kipling, Cesare Paciotti and Chanel. She’s also a busy social bee flying around the world with husband-to-be Jefferson Hack always ending up on the best-dressed list at openings and parties with her natural uncomplicated style. In spite of her tight schedule she found some time to have a chat with I Love Belgium about her everyday life.

Anouck, I just had some peanut M&M's, sometimes I really have a craving for them. Do you have cravings from time to time?

Cravings. Fortunately I'm raised on homeopathics so when I feel bad I grab to these homeopathic drops that comfort me cause it reminds me of my childhood. And my philosophy on good quality food is that you can never over eat because you eat so slow because it is so good that you don't want to swallow it straight away

I suppose your globetrotting between different capitals nowadays. Always on the go, name three things you can't live without on the road?

Globetrotting. Well I'm a nomad and got addicted to traveling now due to my job. But as a child my parents took me and my brother on the wildest most beautiful backpack hiking trips through countries like Bolivia, Burma, Syria or even Russia. I miss those remote natural worlds a lot cause everything is becoming westernized and plastic and connected. A wild escape seems like a luxury now. So that's why I went to Rwanda this year, in a town that's still really raw in the middle of a rainforest. It's changing quickly as well with positive effects on the community but maybe also destroying the ecological character of the place. What do I need? Passport, credit card, telephone.

Do you take things with you from Belgium when you go back to London (that you absolutely can't find there)?

I take 'pralines' (chocolats) with me. Or white asparagus, I love those!

At the academy brunch you were wearing skinny jeans and a rock and roll t-shirt. Do you have a preference to dress-up or dress down?

Depends on the occasion of course. But Antwerp is a really laid back city so I rarely have the feeling I have to dress up there although lately that changed a bit. I guess I wasn't planning to go to the brunch and then I did.

What's the first designer piece you ever bought? Do you still have it?

I bought these crazy high platform shoes to go out dancing in Café d'Anvers (a legendary club in the Antwerp red light district) on the small stages, I cannot believe I did not fall off (laughs). I forgot the name of the designer, some small Dutch designer... Maybe I'll think of it later.

Is there something you regret doing in the past (career wise) and is there something you would still really love to do?

Luckily I have a great agency that deals with that cause if you're working hard and u don't know that much about fashion it is really confusing. Of course I wish I had been nicer to a lot of people in the beginning of my career, when I look back I feel I took a lot for granted or I was really skeptical about it. And I'm still now... But then I really love it now if u see how many people from all over the world are united through this fashion thing. You have yourself a tiny united nations.

I loved your jewellery line. Any plans to relaunch a line of accessories or do you have other plans? A magazine? A clothing line? World domination?

Thinking about the jewelry line again yes, nothing there yet though. I've been working with this charity Kageno.org , which is really fun.


And last question: why do you love Belgium?

I love Belgium cause it made me learn several languages when I was a kid. It's great that it does not have a strong country image. We always feel Belgium does not really exist so then we look at other countries.


Thanks Anouck!

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