Greenhouse Living

As the days are getting darker the I Love Belgium team starts dreaming about greenhouse living: soaking up every last ray of sunshine while longing for summertime! That's why this transparent family house of architecture office Verdickt & Verdickt serves as a perfect solution! This ready-made house serves as the new archetype for an affordable house, bound to traditional building regulations yet keeping a creative insight!

The house has a translucent skin which combines super isolating glass with polycarbonate plates and rockwool insulation, these combinations are used depending on the orientation and the desired privacy. The reflection of the glass skin in combination with the green/yellow appearance of the insulation through the polycarbonate plates ensure that the house almost nests itself in the environment.

By using a highly refined detail, a thorough standardization, a very low K-value, integration of eco-techniques, a minimal use of materials and a maximum use of space a sustainable yet affordable house comes into existence.  In this case, the living spaces are situated on the first floor where the owners have a magnificent view on the surrounding crowns of the ancient and protected trees. Who needs more? The lovely pictures are taken by Lander Loeckx and Luc Roymans.

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