Getaway Architecture

When you think about a weekend house in Belgium you quickly imagine a characterless seaside apartment or an oversized wooden shed in the Ardennes. So when the I Love Belgium team came across this contemporary beauty - designed by GAFPA architects- near the Dutch border we knew we had to share it with you!

Constructed from prefabricated element, for a client who lives in a city centre apartment, this house is fully focused on escaping everyday life. This translates itself in a house which turns its back to the road and focusses resolutely on the adjacent nature. The house itself is raised from the ground level to overlook the yellow forsythia bushes and the Moervaart water way. Even more, a specially chosen tree was planted to sheds its shade on the glass facade during summer moths. As an extra the garden is designed in a way that it dissolves into the landscape.

The interiors are arranged in a U-shaped plan. At each end of the U-shape there is a living room with a covered outdoor area. Being a weekend house the spaces are deliberately small sized. Only the living areas are larger and with its double height could even be called generous. But who needs an enormous living room if the surrounding nature provides you one freely?

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