A Futuristic Lake Villa

You have a big family, you have a big summer house and you have a love for contemporary architecture? Then its time to contact Brussels-based architecture office Bureau Vers Plus De Bien-Être (or just simply V+) to redo your lake villa. A perfect example of this theory is the villa on the lake in Chatillon, France. Here they provided a classic villa four new extensions: a kitchen, balcony, underground bedrooms and music studio.

The existing traditional building, awkwardly frustrating by being introverted in front of majestic surrounding landscape (Lake Bourget at the bottom of Mont Blanc), was literally exploded to become open and generous. Therefore the extensions can be read as a literal distortion of the existing volume to form a sculpture perched on a promontory, proudly stuck between two mountain sides and that, facing the lake of the unknown abyss.

To provide new space and connect the house to its landscape, four interventions were realized on the outside of the existing building, thus indirectly creating characteristic spaces around it. On the west side, a horizontal slab rests on three thin columns and covers a terrace kitchen. On the eastern flank, as an extension of the inner universe, a mysterious volume houses a music room.  On the south side as the extension of the main bedrooms expressive balcony soars over the lake.  Finally, the existing terrace in front of the house is excavated to accommodate three rooms with a fascinating view to the lake.

The view, the lake, the mountains, the house, the interior, the surfaces, the natural light,... It just all makes sense! Yes, the I Love Belgium team is prepared to spend our summers in this French villa.

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