A Forest Pavilion

When buying an old building plot overtaken by nature, it's easy to bulldoze away. Instead, the young owner of this plot in Viller-la-Ville fell in love with the surroundings and asked Brussels-based architecture firm Stekke + Fraas to build him a small living unit one with nature.

How to succeed in this assignment? They started by taking the house towards the back of the plot, where the view is the most forest-like. This resulted into building on a natural inclination. Instead of levelling the plot, they constructed the black zinc house with the help of eight concrete piles on which the building rests. This gave the advantage to open up the back of the volume and be on the same hight of the tree trunks. Creating a real place of refuge.

Inside, we find two levels which communicate through the use of open space planning. At the entrance of the house we find the technical spaces and the kitchen and living room. Going upstairs, we're crossing the open bathroom and bedroom. Two pivoting walls can transform the upper floor in a mere second.

So, did the architects succeed? Yes, they did. The I Love Belgium team would be happy to spent their time at this humble yet genial forest pavilion.  The beautiful pictures are taken by Tim Van de Velde.

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