De Gris by Léa Peckre

Attentive followers of I Love Belgium will recognize Léa Peckre's name immediately. She was part of our Fashion Young Bloods article. And Léa is a busy bee. Not only did she start her own collection, but now she also became the artistic director of De Gris, a French luxury leatherwear house.

De Gris is above all a tale of intentions and encounters. So was the brand developed, through exchange between a French team and Haitian artisans. It was during a trip to Haïti that Léa Peckre discovered horn. Part of the brand’s profits are distributed to La Main, a non-profit organization whose vocation it is to accompany the economic and social development of the Haitian artisans, through projects across the disciplines of fashion and architecture. Entirely assembled in France, the De Gris bags combine the French savoir-faire and the most finely-crafted work of the Haitian tradition. The first collection, respecting the leading moments of the day, was born from this alliance.

Léa aesthetics come through in every De Gris bag. Eye for detail, silent sex-appeal. Each bag is like a geometrical artwork. The De Gris bag is not only an object of fashion and luxury, it is also an ethical creation, a demonstration that solidarity and creativity can be met around innovative ideas.  The academy of La Cambre, the Brussels fashion academy where Léa graduated can be proud.

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