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Cycling gear 2.0

We’re at it again, cycling the summer away. Indeed with the biggest of races - Tour de France – on our heels, we at the I Love Belgium office felt like talking about our strong cycling heritage and how it inspired two you Belgian enterprises to start a fashion label. 

And yes the love of cycling borders on fanaticism in Belgium. Whether it’s competitive or just for fun, cycling catches the attention of any self-respecting Belgian. So let’s brag: we hold many international records and can flaunt with names such as Eddy Merckx, Rik Van Looy, Roger de Vlaeminck and many others. Hey, we even have a National Cycling Museum in the provincial town of Roeselare, West Flanders. 

But if we talk cycling we don’t only talk achievements but also style. Many of us remember the colorful and heavily advertised wool jerseys worn by that era’s greatest champions. These days, these original pieces go for many euros to the highest bidder. That’s why Diederik Degryse and Dagmara Stephan founded Magliamo. Diederik, connoisseur of vintage cycling, met up with Dagmara, a machine-knitter back in 2014 to revive the atmosphere of cycling races from the 60’s and 70’s. They did this by recreating the ionic jersey pieces. Just like back in the day, all the jerseys are made in 100% virgin and pure merino wool. And although the production is in Europe, the jerseys are surprisingly affordable.

Another Belgian cycling-inspired brand is Coureur Du Monde. Unlike Magliamo, Couruer Du Monde is a contemporary clothing brand inspired by cycling’s Golden Age. The two Ghent based brothers Wouter and Pieter-Jan Van Parys named the brand back in 2013 after the Belgian nickname for cyclist - “coureur”. The designs dance around the boundaries of then and now. Playing with classic and contemporary. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of cycling’s Golden Age, from the late fifties through the seventies. Or how they describe it: yesterday and tomorrow in one shirt, creating a new cycling aesthetic with a love for detail, stories and iconic elegance.

The I Love Belgium team got you dressed, now it’s up to you to get on your bike and discover the many cycling routes in Belgium!

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