Cook & Book

The name says it all: Cook & Book. A Brussels booskshop the size of a supermarket, smartly divided in 8 spaces and a music section. Each with its own atmosphere and matching lunch/dinner space. Cook & Book offers a fresh approach to books, mingling the cultural and the convivial... 

It was up to interior architects Delacroix & Friant to give the spaces an identity. The Comic Books section starts the journey in this extensive bookshop. Warm, wooden colors and  large communal table are the backdrop for the vast selection of Belgian and foreign comics.

In the next space you'll stumble on an all-American Airstream caravan. The perfect introduction for travel guides, coffee table books and travel narratives. The Belgian-flag coloured canister leads to the first floor where you enter a world entirely devoted to children. It's biggest selling point is Marklin’s largest model railway track, smartly placed underneath a glass floor.

While the popping colours continue in the next space, two rose- and yellow-dyed glass cubes, the attention changes to an impressive selection of art books. It's not only the books that draw attention, the dining space is furnished with an extremely long mirror-table. Combine this with a wall filled with zigzagging red neon lights and you have a perfect arts-inspired space. Before entering a space dedicated to music and wines, you'll pass through a hallway graffitied by promising young Belgian artist Arnaud Kool. This Rock&Roll attitude translates into thousands of CDs ranging from pop rock to jazz and world music mixed with a large choice of books and vinyls.

Returning to piece happens in the Greenhouse. Here you'll spot several street lamps formerly used in the streets of Brussels, a large glass roof overlooking a series of wooden tables and the wall carpeted with grass. Obviously this space is all about gardening, interior decoration, beauty and health. The most impressive space of them all is the literature space: above your head hang no less than 800 books, a genuine literary ceiling. It's in this luxurious black room that you'll find Acqua Di Parma fragrances, customized motorcycle helmets, champagne bottles, book holders, pocket lamps, delicious chocolate and a whole lot of literature books.

Designed like a genuine, classic trattoria, La Cucina continues your trip. Here, the book selection will delight professionals and amateurs alike: savoury, sweet, or vegetarian recipes, chef books, and volumes about wine and beer (yes, it stays Belgium). The best item of this space: the vintage Fiat 500 with reversed seats for the youngest. You end the tour with the English books section. A thick, hotel-like carpeted floor, old-fashioned blue library shelves topped with busts, S-shaped conversation chairs, a long library table furnished with small study lamps and Union-Jack lampshades summon all the typically British clichés. This is the place to plunge into a good novel while enjoying a cup of tea and a couple of scones.

So as you can read, this bookshop is worth your Sunday afternoon, take the whole family and make sure you have your Visa card with you! The I Love Belgium team just loves Cook&Book!

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