Collective Creation

Celebrating its three year anniversary this month, Studio Collect is a jewelry label created by Belgian designers Hermien Cassiers, Saskia Govaerts, Magaly Hermans and Hannah van Lith who met while studying at the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Antwerp. Wanting to continue to create after graduation and realizing they shared a similar style, the women re-purposed an old factory in an Antwerp suburb to become their own atelier. Fresh and versatile, their jewelry is composed of sterling silver and 18-carat gold plated chains and geometric shapes accented with precious gemstones such as pink quartz, pearl, coral, onyx and turquoise. 

The label’s logo, four interlocked geometric chains, not only represents the link created between the four designers but also reflects a major theme of the their first collection: Enchaîné. In this collection they explored the idea of linked shapes and a chain’s essential role in creating jewelry. Their second collection, Micro Monumental, released last year, was inspired by neoclassical architecture. These pieces were created with lots of onyx and polished gemstones. Recently, they released their newest collection: Bauspiel. It is a tribute to the style of German Bauhaus design and inspired by objects such as a Marianne Brandt teapot set, a dressing table by Marcel Breuer from the 20s and a vintage Bauhaus game of blocks. 

The price of their jewelry ranges between €75 and €195

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