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& Other Stories is one of those rare brands that knows how to keep a perfect balance between high-street and high-concept. So when Stories launched on our small territory, they reached out to some of the most creative minds around. In their search they came across Ghent-based stylist Lisa Lapauw, Brussels-based fashion consultant Didier Vervaeren and Antwerp-based art director Deborah Bloemen. Their task? To create their own stories by using a Polaroid camera and pieces from the Spring Summer 14 collection.

So how did they handle this quest? Let's start with Lisa Lapauw. This former model is a true all-rounder. Next to her styling jobs for Belgians leading magazines she recently launched her own magazine titled Crust. Crust brings to the table what Belgium seriously needed: a true fashion bible with a twist! With that same vision she took on the Stories challenge. The result? Different textures, forms and colours become one. The Stories team dubbed it "the girl who makes a look her own". And indeed that's what Lisa is all about: bringing that Ghent-cool vibe alive!

We continue with our beloved capital and the master of black: Didier Vervaeren. You may know Didier as the creative direct of MAD (Brussels Fashion and Design institute) or professor at fashion school La Cambre, but we know him as the master of accessories! And yes, it's clear in his Polaroids that he has a weakness for the pieces that let your outfit shine. With the help of iconic Belgian backgrounds and pieces he was able to put down a strong statement. Although & Other Stories does not yet stock a men's collection, Didier created his own story by blurring the lines of fashion rules.

We end in Antwerp with art director Deborah Bloemen. Deborah is one of the masterminds behind Uber and Kosher. This uber-cool (pun intended) agency knows how to create and define today's aesthetics. Just like the work for the agency, Deborah played around in her Polaroids with elements of deconstruction, deformation and surrealism. And for Deborah the stories task was a family happening. In her Polaroids we see her daughter (adorned with cat) in the strong Stories co-lab with Vika Gazinskaya. We just wonder how the cat behaved when the rubber balls, joining the Stories beauty products, came out ...

I Love Belgium made a selection of Polaroids, if you want to see more then tune into the & Other Stories tumblr on Thursday to see the full series. You prefer to create your own story? & Others Stores Antwerp opened their doors a few weeks ago and Brussels will open Saturday the 7th of June. Enjoy!

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