Bonom: graffiti art

Britain has Banksy, Belgium has Bonom! Since 2006, Bonom showcases his own impressive style: going for big, remarkable, sketch-like, fluid lines that end up in animal and skeleton drawings. For these he searches grey and basic buildings in the city centre of Brussels. Hanging from a rope he paints the night away. This gave Bonom the past years the unofficial title of a town legend.

But just like Robin Hood, this town legend got into problems. The police no longer tolerates his graffiti work on buildings. Strange if you know that nobody complained about Bonom, not even the owners of his canvases. Meanwhile Bonom received a Facebook group which disapproves his prosecution. The group has already more than 6,000 members and yes, the I Love Belgium team joined!

A map presenting all his Brussels pieces is now available at Bozar shop and Alice gallery. A great way to follow Bonom’s steps and discover Brussels from another perspective. We selected a few, but if you can't get enough, then go to the Bonom Flickr pool. Enjoy!

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