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A Bold Minamilist

You know that feeling when you visually recognize a style but don't know who's behind it? That was the case with the work of Antwerp based graphic designer Stephanie Specht. So it was a real treat to stumble upon her website. God thank for those I Love Belgium google research nights!

Although we see her work popping up all over the place - from exhibition posters to her logo design - it was a nice surprise to discover her personal work and a bit more about herself. After having lived in Cape Town, Brussels, Princeton and New York, she's once again based in Antwerp. After attempted architecture studies she moved towards graphic design as she fell in love with the use of typefaces in architecture. Or how the one directly influences the other.

She describes her visual language as intuitive, abstract, typographic and minimalistic. And indeed these words reflect in her work: pure lines, bold visuals, intense color use. The I Love Belgium team especially fell in love with her bold minimalism. But with graphic design, the best way to let you explore is to have a look at a selection of her work instead of reading about it. Enjoy!

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