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All About Akaso

You must know about the Antwerp Six, but what about the Kara six? Although the Kara is a tribe in Ethiopia, the Belgian fashion link is strong. The story comes together in the new Belgian brand Akaso. 

Akaso is an unique co-creation label and the brainchild of Philippe Vertriest, father of two Ethiopian born daughter. From the encounter with a book on African body painting art, he developed the Akaso collaborative design concept, uniting the Kara tribe – renown for their abstract body painting art  - in Ethiopia with the resident Belgian Akaso designers. 

From co-creation workshops between six young Kara body painting artists and the two Belgian designers – Sandrina Fasoli and Michael Marson - rises the Akaso collection fusing one of Africa's oldest art forms with an urban contemporary spirit. You may wonder if Akaso is an Ethiopian word but no, it comes from the Italian 'a caso' meaning 'by coincidence'. As this newly born brand founds its beginning in the many coincidences that Philippe encountered on his route that brought him to the Akaso co-creation vision.

Discover all the details of this great story on the blog section of the Akaso site and gaze at the wonderful pictures taken during the workshop!

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