Alice Springs Jewelry

"There is strong shadow where there is much light". A poetic quote the Alice Springs Jewelry proclaims on their website. As interesting shadows are created when strutting these strong geometrical jewellery, the I Love Belgium team has no problem with the given statement.

But what does Alice Springs Jewelry stand for? Well, all designs are made of recycled plexiglass, hand tinted brass chains, polished and hand assembled with care. They provide design that is made from the heart, honouring individuality and the beauty and elegance found in nature's geometry.

The new spring summer collection, titled Haze, includes some of the Alice Springs classics ( the plexi triangle with gold chain tassels) while mixing it up with intricate black geometric forms. Unlike previous collections, this one is much darker. No bright colours to be found here. Instead we have muted greys, yellows and pinks. Another first timer? The transparent plexiglass!

All of these necklaces are named after goddesses whose names start with a capital A: Athena, Apolonia, Anka, Aisha,... So be sure you act goddess-like when sporting an Alice Spring Jewelry piece! We know we will.

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