0509 by Pascal François

Pascal François is an architect who starts designing from inside out. Light, functionality, materialisation and detail are the fundamental basics for his architecture. The I Love Belgium team selected house 0509 to illustrate this way of conceptualization. A black saw toothed factory roof building with a bright white interior.

It may look like a converted factory, instead we have a newly constructed, steel cladded family house in Flanders. When the owners approached the architect, they we're planning to transform an old industrial building into a loft. With al the impracticalities of a transformation, the owners decided to construct from scratch while keeping the industrial touch.

With its black colour and industrial roof, this house is a true eye catcher in an über suburban Flemish neighbourhood. So it wasn't a surprise when some neighbours had a hard time adjusting to this contemporary style. Luckily the owners could take the reactions with a pinch of salt!

Inside there are two main divisions, one part is for the living spaces which have ceiling that go all the way up. The other part of the house has more intimate spaces such as bath and bedroom. One things remains the same everywhere: the abundance of light! An aspect perfectly captured by photographer Tim Van de Velde.

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